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Smoke testing vs Sanity testing-Difference between Smoke testing and Sanity testing

This page compares Smoke testing vs Sanity testing and mentions difference between Smoke testing and Sanity testing. The other comparison and difference between terms are also mentioned.

Both are used for testing application/program/product at different stages of development. Smoke testing is conducted initially to test major functionalities while sanity testing is conducted after smoke testing to check very minor functionalities as well as to verify whether bugs have been fixed as reported during smoke testing. Smoke testing is like general health check up while sanity testing is like specialized health check up. Let us understand major comparison between these two testing type.

Smoke testing

1. It is performed to ascertain that all the critical features of program are working as expected.
2. The main aim of smoke testing is to determine stability of system under test(SUT). After this more rigorous testing can be performed.
3. Smoke testing is done by developers/testers.
4. It is usually documented or scripted.
5. It is a subset of regression testing.
6. Smoke testing exercises entire system from end to end.

Sanity testing

1. It is performed to check new functionalities/bugs have been fixed.
2. The main aim of sanity testing is to verify rationality of system under test (SUT). After this more rigorous testing can be done.
3. Sanity testing is done by testers.
4. It is usually not documented.
5. It is a subset of acceptance testing.
6. Sanity testing exercises only particular component of entire system.

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