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Difference between sensor and Transducer | Sensor vs Transducer

This page compares Sensor vs Transducer and mentions difference between Sensor and Transducer.


Definition: The physical device which converts one form of energy into the other form of energy is known as transducer.
Example : The RF antenna converts electrical signal into electromagnetic form and viceversa. OR acceleration to voltage OR voltage to pressure conversion etc.

sensor and transducer in communication chain


Definition: The physical device which senses physical quantity and converts it in the analog from. This analog form can be measured electically by instrument or user. The various output forms are available as per application of need e.g. capacitance, voltage, inductance, resistance etc.
Sensor can be part of transducer at the initial stage during transduction.

Physical Parameter -> | Sensor | -> Electrical Output

In the figure-1 above microphone, RF antenna and speaker are transducers. In the transmitter part, microphone is also considered as sensor as it converts acoustic energy into electrical form. The other sensors include temperature sensor, humidity sensor, position sensor, force sensor etc.

What is difference between or comparison between

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