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Analog multimeter vs digital multimeter-Comparison Between Analog multimeter and digital multimeter

This page of T & M World compares Analog multimeter vs digital multimeter and mentions comparison between Analog multimeter and digital multimeter in tabular form.

Multimeters are of two types as described below.
Analog Multimeter: As shown in the figure-1, analog multimeters use needle on calibrated scale to indicate the measurement of parameters (V,I,R) as per AC or DC source. Analog Multimeter should be appropriately set to measure AC or DC values.
Digital Multimeter: As shown in the figure-2, Digital multimter consists of LCD display panel and rotating knob. The measurements are displayed in numerical values on it. It uses various techniques to measure AC/DC voltage, resistance and current and hence manual settings are not required.

Analog Multimeter Digital Multimeter
Analog Multimeter Digital Multimeter
It provides measurement in analog form with metal pointer. It provides measurement in digital form using digits as per resolution needed.
It measures current, voltage, resistance. It measures current, voltage, resistance and impedance.
It uses simple diplay with markings for various ranges as per R, V and I measurements. It uses LCD display.
It does not require ADC converter i.e. analog to digital converter. It requires ADC converter and quantity to be displayed is in digital form.
Accuracy of measurement is lower. Accuracy of measurement is higher.
Input resistance vary as per range to be measured. Input resistance is constant for all ranges.
Highest AC frequency to be measured is lower. Highest AC frequency to be measured is higher than analog multimeter.

Refer advantages and disadvantages of analog multimeter >> and digital multimeter >> types.

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