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This page of Test and Measurement World covers test and measurement equipments. The equipments cover RF, wireless, electronics, electrical, fiber-optics, avionics, biomedical, automotive and networking related to test and measurement field.

Test and Measurement Equipments in RF, Wireless and networking domain

Following are the links to test and measurement equipments used in RF (Radio Frequency), Wireless and networking domain areas. These equipments are useful for conformance testing of RF, physical layer and upper protocol stack. They can be used during installation and pre-certification testing as well as during R&D.

The most common RF equipments are listed below.
• RF Vector Signal Generator | • Spectrum Analyzers | • Waveguide Mixer | • Sound Level Meters | • PIM Analyzer | • Noise Figure Meter | • Frequency Counter

The most common wireless equipments are listed below.
• MIMO Wireless Channel Emulator | • CMU200 vs CMW500 | • WLAN Test Set | • Wireless Sniffer | • Bluetooth Testing tools | • LTE Testing tools

The most common networking equipments are listed below.
• Ethernet Cable Tester | • Data Logger | • LAN Test Equipment |

Test and Measurement Equipments in Electrical & Electronics domain

The most common electrical and electronics instruments are listed below.
• Digital Oscilloscope | • Video Borescope | • ESD Ionizers | • climatic Chamber | • BER tester | • Power Analyzer | • Digital Clamp Meter | • Hipot Tester | • Q meter | • Benchtop Power Supply |

test and measurement equipments

The figure depicts typical test and measurement equipments covers in test and measurement world's equipment section.

Test and Measurement Equipments in Biomedical domain

The most common Biomedical equipments are listed below.
• Digital Pressure Meter | • Glucose Meter | • Pulse Oximeter |

Test and Measurement Equipments in fiber optics domain

The most common fiber optics equipments are listed below.
• Optical Spectrum Analyzer | • Optical Reflectometer | • Wavelength Meter | • Densitometer | • Spectrophotometer | • Thickness Guage | • Lux Meter |

Test and Measurement Equipments in Automobile and Avionics domain

The most common test and measurement equipments in automobile and avionics domain are listed below.
• DME Test Set | • Anemometer | • Automotive Vehicle Analyzer | • Logic Analyzer |

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